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Here is the information you'll need once your account is set up and you're accepting transactions

We understand that managing cash flow effectively is one of the most important parts of running a business. Typically, we pay businesses the net amount we owe. This means we deduct the Discount Rate on each transaction rather than asking for payment at the end of the month. We will also offset any adjustments to the account, for example credits, refunds or chargebacks, before settlement.

The quickest way to get paid is to submit Charges and Credits electronically and to receive payment via Direct Credit into your designated bank account.

Download your Direct Credit Form today

Email the Signed form with your Official Bank Statement to your American Express Relationship Manager

Processing Transactions

Accepting the Card

When the Cardmember is present

  • Make sure the physical Card is available.
  • Swipe/Insert the Card through the POS (Point-of-Sale) machine.
  • Enter the transaction amount. If the Card is a Chip & Pin Card, please hand over the pin pad to the Cardmember to enter his/her pin number.
  • Give the goods/services only if the transaction is successful.
1. If the transaction is approved

Return the Card and one copy of the receipt to the Cardmember and keep the other copy for reference for a period not less than 24 months.

2. If the transaction is declined

Return the Card to the Cardmember, and ask to contact his/her Card issuing centre with the contact details available at the back of the Cardmember’s Card.

3. If the transaction is declined displaying “pick up” card message

Don’t return the Card to the customer; contact American Express Authorisation Centre.

4. If the transaction is referred displaying “Call Amex/Call Bank/Refer to Issuer” message

You will have to call your (AMEX) Authorisation Centre on the number given for your country to obtain voice authorisation. Provide your service establishment account number, and give details of the Card and the transaction. When approved, Authorisation will provide you with an approval code that should be entered manually into your POS machine through offline mode. The approval code will automatically be printed on the POS receipt. Don’t forget to obtain the Cardmember’s signature on the receipt and verify the signature matches the signature on the back of the Card.

When the Cardmember is not present

  • The Cardmember will call your establishment or fax a form to order products or services.
  • Collect the following information from the Cardmember: Cardmember name, Card Number, signature of the Cardmember,
  • Email the form with the above requirements to your Authorisation Centre to obtain approval/rejection. You need to add your service establishment number on the form, or quote it to the authoriser by email:
  • If the transaction is approved, courier the product or provide the service to the Cardmember, obtain a signed proof of the delivery to the Cardmember’s billing address. If the delivery address is different from the Cardmember’s billing address, you must inform the Authorisation Centre about the same.
  • Write “Mail Order” or “Telephone Order” on the signature line of the ROC which should be submitted along with the signed forms from the Cardmember to the American Express Office no later than 7 days from the date of the order.
  • If the Cardmember will pick up the merchandise from you, follow the electronic authorisation procedure.
  • In the event that the merchant provides lodging/car rental services: merchant should secure a pre-authorisation approval in exchange of the following submitted information provided in the booking request by contacting the Authorisation Centre, this information includes the following:

1. Card Number.

2. Cardmember Name (exactly how it appears on the Card).

3. Card Expiration Date.

4. Cardmember Billing Address.

5. Guest Name (if different from the Cardmember Name).

Terminal troubleshooting

If your terminal is broken or unable to automatically connect to American Express

You may still accept American Express Cards manually if your EFTPOS terminal is unavailable. Simply follow these instructions:

  • Call your local American Express Authorisation Numbers given for your country to request an Authorisation Approval Code. You must ensure that all transactions are submitted within seven (7) days of the original Authorisation date. If the submissions are done after seven (7) days, then you may be liable for Chargebacks. Contact your terminal provider who will be able to advise you on the problem.

If your terminal is having difficulty accepting American Express transactions

  • Make a note of any messages or contact numbers that may be displayed on your terminal.
  • If no number is displayed, please contact your terminal provider for instructions.