Reporting Fraud

Please, contact American Express Middle East immediately if you suspect fraudulent activity has occurred on your Card Account.

When identifying fraudulent activities on your Card Account, there are steps to follow:

  • Inform American Express Middle East immediately by calling the number on the back of your Card. We will block your Card immediately and arrange for a Replacement Card to avoid further fraudulent activities.

  • Validate your statement; if fraudulent transactions are recognized and billed to your account, please fill out & return the Cardmember Dispute Form with complete and accurate details to American Express Middle East. Click here for more contact details.

  • American Express Middle East will apply temporary credits to your account to compensate for the fraudulent charges during the investigation.

  • Keep a record of your actions, correspondences, telephone conversations, and Emails relating to your claim conversations.

  • Once the investigation is finalised, and based on the outcome,, American Express Middle East will make a final decision on whether to give you a permanent credit or re-debit your Card Account with prior notification.